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Scoliosis Treatment in Shah Alam, Malaysia

Scoliosis treatment in Shah Alam is better at the Chiropractic Specialty Center®, located in Kota Kemuning. Our center combines the efforts of expert clinical physiotherapists and research-based chiropractors in treatments of the scoliotic spine. The spine gives our body its structure, allowing us to stand upright with the flexibility to bend and rotate. Before we begin our discussion of scoliosis treatment, let’s go over some basic information concerning scoliosis and spinal curvatures.

Scoliosis is a spine disorder that causes an abnormal curvature, resulting in right or left curvature of the spine. This may come with different types of pain, such as back pain and neck pain. When viewed from the side, a healthy spine has three natural curves, but the spine should appear straight when viewed from behind. A shit one lean to one or the other side is indicative of a scoliotic curve. It can resemble an S- or C- shape on an X-ray. Scoliosis is often described as a 2-dimensional side-to-side curve, but in reality, it is a 3-dimensional rotation of the spine. This rotation twists the ribs creating rib prominence or humps in some scoliosis patients. Signs of scoliosis include:

  • Bulging of the chest
  • A tendency to lie on one side
  • The tendency to lean towards a specific side
  • Different shoulder heights
  • Ribs are unequal heights
  • The Head is not straight up from the pelvis
  • Protrusion of one shoulder blade
  • Protrusion of one hip
  • Different leg lengths

While most people with scoliosis have a mild form of the disorder, some present with moderate or severe scoliosis. Moderate and severe scoliotic conditions can significantly affect the quality of life by limiting or altering daily activity, causing pain, reducing lung function, or affecting heart function.

Spine Care for Kids by the Best Non-Surgical Scoliotic Spine Team

Most cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown. Other causes of scoliosis are due to congenital or neuromuscular diseases. Although scoliosis can begin at any age, it most often develops in adolescents between ages 10 and 15, girls more commonly than boys. Other than physical abnormality, scoliosis is generally non-painful. Children can be screened at any age, although the Scoliosis Research Society recommends that girls be screened twice, at 10 and 12 years of age, and boys once at 12 or 13. It is important to stop the progression of scoliosis as it may significantly worsen during the child’s growth spurt at the start of adolescence (~10 years).

Contrary to common belief, scoliosis is a lifelong condition. In other words, if it is not managed well, it can continue to grow even when your child becomes an adult, where the condition is termed “adult scoliosis.” Therefore, the best thing to do is get targeted therapy systems that manage and stabilize the scoliotic condition to prevent worsening and limit progression. Our clinical teams of Chiropractors and physiotherapists offer the best scoliosis treatment in Shah Alam. Early detection and close monitoring are the keys to the successful management of scoliosis in children.

Treatments for the Adult Scoliotic Spine

Unlike adolescent scoliosis, scoliosis in adults may cause stiffness and back or leg pain. It can also lead to muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling in the legs. There are generally two types of scoliosis in adults:

  • Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis – continuation or progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis into adulthood. In some cases, it is not diagnosed until adulthood.
  • Adult Degenerative Scoliosis – typically occurs in the lumbar (low back) region due to degeneration of the disc or joints in the spine and arthritis. If the degeneration happens asymmetrically (more than one side than the other), it can eventually lead to curvature of the spine.

Diagnosing the Scoliotic Spine

At Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Shah Alam, the diagnosis of scoliosis begins with a health history. Our experienced chiropractor or physiotherapist will examine your spine and perform a neurological screening examination of the extremities testing strength, sensation, and reflexes. The patient is asked to perform Adam’s test and bend forward to observe any rib or torso asymmetry. The irregular contour of the spine, unlevel shoulders, and scapular protrusion are noted during this test.

A scoliometer is used to obtain the degree of the rib hump. An angle greater than 5 degrees is an indication for an x-ray examination. X-rays show the extent and degree of the curve and determine the skeletal age and maturity. X-rays are also used to monitor the progress of the scoliotic curve for treatment planning. The scoliotic curve can be classified according to its size in degrees. The risk of progression depends on the age of the patient and the size of the curve.

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Get Targeted Therapy that Stabilizes the Scoliotic Spine Without Surgery

Our clinical teams for scoliosis treatment in shah alam, Malaysia

Chiropractic Specialty Centers® offer a wide range of therapies and treatments for scoliosis. Our physiotherapists work on the muscles and ligaments of the vertebral column to promote flexibility and strength. Our chiropractor may perform gentle adjustments to improve mobility. Specific exercises and stretches may include the use of balance exercises and Spinercise®, a spinal rehabilitation system, found only at a Chiropractic Specialty Center® near you.

Our scoliosis treatment aims to improve flexibility, strength, and balance to minimize curve progression. So, visit us today and discover therapeutic possibilities that others do not offer. Scoliosis treatment at a Chiropractic Specialty Centers® has the added benefit: we treat you with advanced technology that competing centers do not have in Shah-Alam. CSC’s therapy technology specific for the spine is the RxDecom®, a spinal decompression machine, the only one like it in the world. The RxDecom® works by decompressing stiff joints and pinched nerves in your back and neck, which is especially beneficial for degenerative scoliosis patients. The exercise-based treatment rendered at our center has reversed 30-degree curves by 5-10 degrees.

The team of experts of chiropractors and physiotherapists at Chiropractic Specialty Center® will help bring your body back into proper function and minimize the detrimental effects of scoliosis. Early identification and treatment may help avoid the need for bracing and surgery.

Benefits of our Research-Based Clinical Care at the Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides only the highest level of treatment designed specifically for you. Our approach combines advanced and up-to-date physiotherapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation care, and prevention to help you regain your life and stay healthy. Our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists strives to develop our skills and knowledge with continuous research and training. That is why we are the chosen specialist in spinal, joint, sports injuries, and scoliosis treatment in Shah Alam, Malaysia.