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Opt for Our Thorough Scoliosis Exam in Malaysia

Scoliosis needs accurate assessments followed by targeted treatment plans to achieve successful outcomes. This starts by determining the causes of scoliosis and our scoliosis exams differ from the standard spine or joint exams. Some institutions offer a limited version, while others, such us our centers, offer a compressive assessment of the spine, together with the upper and lower extremities, as an integral part of our scoliosis exam protocols. Our centers offer two types of scoliosis exam:

  • A quick scoliosis check
  • A thorough scoliosis exam of a scoliotic patient

Come for a Free Quick Checkup Today

Our centers provide the “Quick Scoliosis Check” free of charge. This is the best way to check your child for scoliosis. As the name implies, the process is quick and free. Please note that this free exam is not a thorough assessment. If we detect scoliosis, we will set you up for a thorough assessment. The quick checkup is to see if you have scoliosis. For those that have scoliosis, we recommend the complete analysis. Our comprehensive assessment of scoliosis is charged at the same rate as a regular new patient. To avoid confusion, please contact us to clarify these issues before your checkup. In short, with the quick checkup, there is no excuse! All you have to do is to drop by one of our centers and get evaluated. We will have you fill out a simple form and then proceed with the scoliosis exam.

This evaluation is through one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists. They may use a device known as an inclinometer to assist them in the evaluative of your child. We will provide you with an oral report along with advice at the end of the exam. If scoliosis is detected

Our Thorough Exam of the Scoliotic Patient

While the quick scoliosis check is at no charge, the scoliosis exam (also called the new patient exam) is a chargeable procedure. You may contact our center for more information. The new patient exam of a scoliotic patient is one where the exam and assessments are for those already diagnosed scoliosis patient. Most often, these are done on patients who were diagnosed or treated at other centers. The new patient scoliosis exam is also the procedure of choice for those in which we have detected a scoliotic condition and sent for x-rays.

After having finished your x-rays, we will require you to come back to our center. One of our chiropractors will carefully assess and evaluate the severity of scoliosis. Do keep in mind that our chiropractors will pay attention to the smallest of details. Scoliosis is a three-dimensional disorder, and x-rays are only two-dimensional impressions. To the untrained eye or poorly knowledgeable clinician, the impact of this three-dimensional disorder is lost. That will not happen when one of our chiropractors evaluates you.  

Why Our Methods of Spine Exam is Better? 

Methods of Scoliosis Exam

Our scoliosis treatments are based on exam findings. The best scoliosis treatments are based on the best of exams and through evaluative processes used to identify the root cause. Our root-cause analysis method of investigation is deeply seated in how we do a scoliosis exam. When you step into one of our centers, you get the best and most comprehensive assessments and treatments. Please don’t take our word for it; visit us and compare us to others! Trust our experience and our methods. We can help.

It is time to put an end to some doubts you may have. We will walk you through how a typical scoliotic patient gets their treatment at any of our centers. If you notice your child, friend, or loved one walking ’tilted’ or ‘senget’ with a bump or imbalance in their back structure, ask them to go and get a consult immediately or, even better, go the extra mile and bring them in for one. A consultation will start with our Doctor of Chiropractic, who will conduct a thorough assessment of the musculoskeletal system to determine all the components that would come into play before prescribing a suitable treatment plan.

What is Assessed During an Exam in our Center?

What is Assessed During a Scoliosis Exam
Our clinical teams may utilize some orthopedic tests to check for the stability of your spine and weight-bearing joints. Some of these tests may require you to perform certain motions such as bending down to touch your feet or lifting up your legs. We may even evaluate your shoulders, chest, thighs, legs, and feet. In short, you will get a comprehensive assessment of not just your spine but also the muscles, ligaments, and joints of your extremities.

Our doctors of chiropractic, with the assistance of our clinical physiotherapists, may even measure your leg lengths, assess the arches of your feet, and evaluate rib humping (if present) or curvature of your spine. If the tests are found to be positive, we will refer the patient out for X-ray imaging. In all honesty, there are not many hospitals that are well-equipped to produce good scoliosis radiographic imaging. Our centers have identified the few that do a good job and will make an appointment on your behalf so that you go and get them done at your convenience.

After getting the X-rays, patients would return to our center with their X-ray films, which our doctors will study in detail. Every aspect of the curvature and changes in the musculoskeletal structure must be identified and addressed. It takes a well-trained physician to be able to analyze radiographic imaging well, and you can’t find any better-trained chiropractors than the ones at Chiropractic Specialty Center®. Our physiotherapists and chiropractors have undergone intensive training for scoliotic care.

Our Treatment Plan is based on Accurate Exam Findings

Our Treatment Plan of Scoliosis is based on Scoliosis Exam Findings
The best possible treatment plan for you will then be prepared; incorporating specific strengthening and stretching exercises, along with the application of particular modalities on specific areas of the spine. Your progression will be regularly monitored. Every three to six months, another set of X-ray imaging may be needed to check for the progression of the curvature. Targeted scoliosis, specific home exercises customized to your needs, will be given. We will strongly encourage you to do these exercises, as they are part and parcel of the care we provide. Just because you do them at home does not make them less relevant.

The Importance of Being Complaint with Our Prescribed Treatment Plan

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in ensuring this happens. As your healthcare providers, we will do everything in our power to bring you one step closer to recovery, but you must play your part too. The sole reason why some of our patients fail to manage their scoliosis progression is that of a lack of compliance with established treatment plans. Incidentally, the home exercises we provide you or your child are an integral part of the care you get from us. So, parents, please be patient; it may even be helpful to offer a reward for your loved one with their continued active participation. We have found supportive parents that provide gentle reminders and incentives to be more efficient in getting kids to commit.

Our treatments are systematic, pain-free, and are specific. We achieved a great amount of success in the treatment of scoliosis cases, and we don’t expect that to be changing anytime soon. Therefore, stop delaying and start your scoliotic care today. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” Call us today for an accurate scoliosis exam in Malaysia today.