Opt for the BEST Chiropractic Scoliosis Treatment in Malaysia

Learn why our Physiotherapy, advanced technology and chiropractic scoliosis treatment is better in Malaysia.

Who Offer the BEST Chiropractic Scoliosis Treatment in Malaysia?

Scoliosis management has proven effective through a targeted chiropractic scoliosis treatment. Chiropractic scoliosis treatment has become very popular. More parents are bringing their children in for checkups and treatments at almost every Chiropractic clinic. We see many scoliotic patients on a daily basis. The reason for this is that our patients have obtained results non-invasively. The reason why our methods of Chiropractic care are so essential is that it not only addresses the osseous structural component of the person but more importantly, the muscular and neurological elements as well.

Scoliosis is an abnormal side-bending curve of the spine that predisposes a person to muscular damage, ligamentous damage, joint damage and spinal disc damage. This is where our methods of Chiropractic scoliosis relief will work their magic. Numerous studies and bodies of research have proved that a well-planned multi-dimensional program can significantly decrease pain and disability among scoliosis patients. However, we must understand the importance of the word “multi-dimensional,” meaning the incorporation of various means of scoliosis-specific physiotherapy (physical therapy) methods for the greater benefit of the patient’s condition. In other words, these consist of comprehensive (holistic) integrative methods of Chiropractic care and physiotherapy (physical therapy) coupled with targeted rehabilitation.

 Skoliosis Therapy: Requires Specialized Spinal Adjustment

We at Chiropractic Specialty Center® firmly believe mere Chiropractic adjustments are not good enough. Yes, adjustments will help the patient but is that the best the patient can get? The answer to that is no! The latest evolution in the non-invasive scoliosis treatment is incorporating therapeutic technologies and methods with the potential for better results. This is something we are very proud of at CSC. We have the latest in non-operative spine technology, and our Chiropractors are always well-versed in the latest advancements in the field of scoliosis.

Due to the muscular imbalances and postural abnormalities that present alongside scoliosis, positions of vertebras are often deviated leading to restrictions along the spinal joints. Restricted joints, in turn, will predispose nerves exiting the spine to be pinched, which will become a key contributor to the neurologic bolstering of scoliotic curvatures. Patients will experience a severe decrease in motor and sensory function along with limitations in their range of motion when this happens.

Are Chiropractors Alike When it Comes to Treatments of a Scoliotic Spine?

The proper term for chiropractic treatment is an “Adjustment,” better known as the “chiropractic adjustment.” Chiropractors use a variety of adjusting techniques when treating the spine. The same holds true for chiropractic treatments of scoliosis. However, scoliosis is a three-dimensional disorder that requires a very specialized method of spinal adjustments. In other words, the typical chiropractic adjustment will not suffice. In fact, the “side-posture adjustments” of the spine should be avoided altogether. The side-posture adjustment is where the patient lies on one side for the chiropractic treatment and then lies on the opposite side for similar treatment. The side-posture methods of treatments are standard in Gonstead and Diversified techniques. In our opinion, the side-posture adjustment of any technique can worsen a slipped disc or a scoliotic curve.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional rotatory disorder of the spine. The rotatory component of scoliosis contradicts the use of side-posture methods of chiropractic adjustment. In scoliosis the spine bends and twists, therefore; bending and twisting methods of care must be avoided even when you visit a chiropractor.

Chiropractors of the Chiropractic Specialty Center® avoid any form of rotatory spinal treatments for the slipped disc and scoliosis patients. Our chiropractors will adjust your spine (treat your spine) in accordance to your needs. In other words, our chiropractic scoliosis treatments are customized. Our clinical Doctors of Chiropractic are firm believers in delivering you a targeted, customized treatment the meets specific to a patient’s condition. Visit one of our chiropractors today to discover excellence in chiropractic.

What are Our Goals When We Treat You?

Fundamentally, Chiropractors believe that a restriction as mentioned above can be undone by the application of a specific manipulative thrust to the particular segment or joint. The impingement of the nerve will then also be eliminated causing great relief from pain and discomfort for the patient. Only by the elimination of the nerve interference would the body’s functional capability be able to return to normal and the person to have a better quality of life. However, the typical chiropractic care may not be as effective, especially when the rotatory methods of Gonstead or diversified techniques are used. In short, it is not just chiropractic that makes the difference, but rather the chiropractor you visit.

Scoliosis is mostly detected at a young age, leaving a greater window of opportunity for therapeutic benefits to take place. If left untreated, spinal and joint degeneration is bound to occur, and, at that stage, undoing the damage would be tough and almost impossible. Don’t let scoliosis cripple you or your loved ones. Early detection + early treatment = Early Recovery. Visit one of our centers to understand our approach better. Let one of our research-based clinical chiropractors evaluate your spine today. We can help guide you towards better management today through our targeted chiropractic scoliosis treatment coupled with the best clinical physiotherapy for scoliosis in Malaysia.

Our Clinical Difference is the Reason Why our Patients Gets BETTER Faster

Our trained and skilled chiropractor will usually require x-ray imaging of a scoliotic spine for him to get a better understanding of your condition. After studying the x-rays and calculating the angles, a treatment plan customized to your needs will be formulated. As the key factor that comes into play in scoliosis is the structural malformation of the spine, there is no better treatment match than that offered at our center.

Our methods of chiropractic care are further enhanced with clinical physiotherapy and targeted spinal rehabilitation. In other words, you get a comprehensive, non-operative means of treatment that focuses on muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves. So, while chiropractic scoliosis treatment in itself is an efficient method of scoliosis management, it is better when combined with clinical physiotherapy. You can learn more about the best chiropractic scoliosis treatment in Malaysia by calling our center now.