Scoliosis Physiotherapy In Malaysia For Better Results

Get better results from your physiotherapy treatment of scoliosis when you visit our center. CSC’s physiotherapists have successfully treated many scoliotic conditions for over 15 years. Get the best scoliosis-specific physiotherapy in KL, Malaysia through breakthrough scoliosis therapy methodology and technology by contacting one of our centers today!

The Best Scoliosis Physiotherapy Treatment in Malaysia

The scoliosis physiotherapy treatment offered at one of our centers is unlike those you will get from others. Our clinical teams use a multitude of approaches. While others cling to one method or system, we use the best means of care from different methods and combine the best of scoliosis physiotherapy treatment with our technology for better results. By doing so, we manage to address the entire joint complex. So, if you need scoliosis physiotherapy treatment, consider Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) as your primary caregiver. Best of all, our treatments are enriched through the integration of research-based chiropractic treatment, specifically for scoliosis. So, you get the best of both: scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment and targeted scoliosis physiotherapy treatment all under one roof.

Our physiotherapists and chiropractors will evaluate the stability of your muscles, ligaments, spinal discs spinal joints, and even spinal nerves. Our clinical teams of chiropractors will pay lots of attention, not just to the side-bending of your spine, but also to the rotatory aspects of the curve. As such, our methods of treatment are through a better means of comprehensive therapeutic approaches. Your orthopedic surgeon may not be aware of the new and innovative approaches that we use.

Scoliotic Spine’s Therapy is different From Standard Care

Physiotherapy has had a long, proud tradition in treatments of the spine, joints, and sports injuries. Generally speaking, scoliosis treatment through physiotherapy has not been as impressive as the care physiotherapists provide for joint and sports injuries. The vast majority of physiotherapy centers in Malaysia lack proper awareness of how to address the three-dimensional aspect of a scoliotic condition. Some even approach the scoliotic patient with procedures and methods they often apply for typical neck or back pain patients. A great example of standard neck or back pain treatments that get mixed up with scoliotic conditions is rehabilitative exercise programs.

targeted Scoliosis Physiotherapy Exercise Program KL, Malaysia

Targeted Exercise Programs for the Scoliotic SPine

Exercise is a needed component in recovery from illness or malfunction. Exercise is critical to scoliosis, but the typical exercise prescribed for those suffering from neck pain, back pain, and slip-disc are often counter-productive. Improper exercise and incorrect therapy procedures are too common of an occurrence; it happens in almost all physiotherapy centers in Malaysia.

Physiotherapists, who provide exercises to scoliotic patients, generally counteract the progress of patients. The typical neck pain, back pain, or a slipped disc patient will get exercises on both sides of the spine. For example, a back pain patient may be given side-bending exercises to strengthen paraspinal muscles (muscles next to the spine). The patient is often given a set number of repetitions for each side. While this is acceptable for the typical neck or back pain patient, it will hamper efforts in scoliosis. Bending to one side might be beneficial while doing the same exercise the opposite way can worsen the condition.

Three-Dimensional Aspect is Key in Treatment at our Centers

To elaborate more on the improper use of exercise on both sides of the body, we need to revisit the three-dimensional aspect of scoliosis. Scoliosis will look like a side-to-side curve when viewed on an x-ray. However, the reality is that there is far more curvature than what is present on an x-ray. Since x-rays are two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional body, a flattened out “S” curve image on the x-ray is in essence more of a helix, similar to spring. So, when it comes to a scoliotic spine, attention must be paid to the helix or spring-like configuration of the curve. In other words, treatments must focus on de-rotating the spine in a manner that tackles the side bending issue while elongating the spine and all its associated soft tissues.

effect of scoliosis physiotherapy treatment

Get the Best Care at a Chiropractic Specialty Center® Today

Our clinical teams have researched effective treatment methods through targeted treatments that tackle the three-dimensional scoliotic curvature holistically. Unlike others, we do not treat scoliosis as we treat other spinal disorders. Each scoliotic condition is unique, and, as a result, we painstakingly design specific scoliosis treatment and exercise programs that meet the corrective needs of each condition. Our clinical teams accomplish this through an array of therapeutic devices, technologies, and specialized methods of manual therapy, as well as rehabilitative exercises that hone in on the spring-like scoliotic spine.

Benefits of Getting Scoliosis Physiotherapy Treatment At CSC

As we have mentioned, scoliosis is a three-dimensional disorder, so the treatment you get from a Chiropractic Specialty Center® focuses on correcting scoliosis. At CSC, our clinical teams are well aware that scoliosis is a three-dimensional disorder. A three-dimensional condition of the spine needs focused treatments that are customized. As such, the care you get from us is scoliosis-specific.

The most challenging aspect of scoliosis correction is getting rid of the rotatory component. The rotatory feature in scoliosis (the twisting of the spine) requires advanced therapy devices, specialized methods of manual physiotherapy, and precise chiropractic-specific scoliosis treatment. The rotatory aspect of scoliosis (bending and twisting of the spine) harms the joints, ligaments, muscles, spinal discs, and spinal nerves. Damaged spinal tissues are the leading cause of pain in scoliosis.

Scoliosis treatment needs precision. Doing so will help fix and repair damaged soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and spinal discs). With healthy soft tissues, the spine is better able to correct and maintain itself.

In conclusion, scoliosis is a deformity that is treatable through CSC’s advanced methodology and technology. Our clinical physiotherapists and chiropractors provide the best alternative to spine surgery. You should consider scoliosis surgery if you have exhausted your non-surgical and alternative options. Chiropractic Specialty Center® delivers the best scoliosis physiotherapy treatment in Malaysia; contact one of our centers today.