Yoga Exercise And Stretching Are Not Suitable For Scoliosis

Yoga is lovely but can make your scoliosis worse. Exercise and stretching through Yoga puts the spine in positions that increase and worsen the rotational and side-bending of the scoliotic curves.

Yoga And Scoliosis

Just do a quick Google search regarding the benefits of yoga, and you will find thousands of results stating how yoga can strengthen your muscles, enable you to lose weight, increase your flexibility, aid in systemic functions, help with your breathing… the list goes on and on. We are not here to disregard any of the above or to oppose yoga. It is a fantastic combination of meditation and exercise. The only qualm we have with yoga is when yogis claim that yoga is good for scoliosis. This statement of theirs sends shivers down our spine! However, this only applies to a healthy individual with a normal spine.

In reality, Yoga worsens the scoliotic curve fast, really fast!

Scoliosis is the lateral (sideways) curvature of the spine, which may present as either a single curve (c-shaped) or a double curve (S-shaped). Because of this, scoliotic cases must be handled with the utmost delicacy and care. When there is spinal curvature, biomechanical changes occur in the human body, causing the muscles on one side of the curve to be tight while the muscles on the opposite side are weak. Therefore, the only way to help straighten a spinal curve is by correctly identifying those muscles, strengthening the weak muscles, and stretching the tight muscles. Only practitioners who are trained and experienced will be able to do this well. Please do not think any Tom, Dick, or Harry from down the street can do this for you.

Why should you avoid exercises with twisting or bending if you have Scoliosis?

On the other hand, if someone has an S-shaped curve of their spine (which is quite common), they would find muscle weakness and tightness on both sides of their spine. Yoga is an exercise and stretching program that focuses on symmetrical and bilateral soft tissue stretching and exercises. Soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, spinal discs of patients with scoliosis mustn’t be stretched or exercised symmetrical on both sides. Any form of Yoga or symmetrical, balanced, or proportional exercise and the rehabilitative program is not valid or suitable for scoliotic patients.

By the way, in symmetrical exercises, both sides feel the effect. Unlike what yogis get, scoliosis-specific exercises give an asymmetrical program. It would help if you got customize Scoliosis-specific exercises that stretch one side while it is strengthing the opposite side simultaneously. Moreover, scoliosis-specific exercise is a precise system that impacts the Apex of scoliosis. The Apex of scoliosis is the area where the spine has bent sideway most. CSC’s chiropractors in Malaysia offer the best and most holistic scoliosis treatment and scoliosis exercise program. Contact us today. 

Scoliosis Exercise Programs Must be Targeted

When it comes to scoliosis, specifically targeted exercises are the only way to go where conservative strategies are concerned, not scoliosis surgery. Generalized stretching and stretching do not help. However, I must reiterate once again that we are not condemning yoga. The side plank position in yoga has been found to achieve substantial success in reducing the curvature of scoliosis patients. The reason behind this being side plank is a unilateral exercise, and patients who have a single curve will benefit immensely. However, for patients who have double curves, we would still not recommend it. Many practitioners fail to understand that scoliosis is three-dimensional and must be looked at from every aspect.

Treat your spine like your baby. When your baby falls off a bike and hurts himself, you will try anything and everything in the hopes of getting him well again. Ultimately, you want only the best and the most effective method of care. We are here to make your job easier by answering any inquiries or wonderings you may have. Eliminate the rest and choose the best. Choose the scoliosis treatment programs from Malaysia’s Best Chiropractic Center. If you do have any other questions regarding scoliosis, yoga, or back pain, feel free to contact us at 03-2093 1000 or drop by any of our centers.