Juvenile Scoliosis Treatment Without Scoliosis Surgery In Malaysia

CSC offers the best alternative treatment options for juvenile scoliosis in Malaysia. Schedule an assessment for your child at one of our centers for holistic care without surgery today.

What is the Best Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis Treatment Option in Malaysia? 

Before discussing the treatment options, it might serve us better if we spent a bit of time discussing juvenile scoliosis. Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis is a diagnostic classification of the scoliotic condition in children aged 3-6 years. Unlike infantile and adolescent scoliosis, the incidences of juvenile scoliosis among boys and girls are about the same for children under 5 and slightly more prevalent in girls aged 5 or older.

As opposed to the infantile form of scoliosis, juvenile scoliosis will not spontaneously reverse. In other words, parents and guardians must seek appropriate corrective care. One of the most disturbing aspects of juvenile scoliosis is that it can rapidly worsen. In fact, the vast majority of severe spinal curves are those linked to a juvenile scoliotic condition. Therefore, correctly targeted care is paramount in both the long term and short term. Simply put, scoliosis tends to worsen during periods of growth, so the more growing an individual has left to do, the greater the risk of progression. Due to this increased risk of progression over the long term, cases of scoliosis in children under the age of 10 are taken very seriously at our centers.

Proven Methods of Treatments Without Surgery or Braces

There are clinics, hospitals, and centers that offer care for scoliotic patients in every city, state, or country. The care available for scoliosis ranges from a wait-and-see approach to bracing, casting, chiropractic, physiotherapy, surgery, along with various other options. In the coming sections of this page, we will elaborate on some of the available standard therapeutic options. But, keep in mind that we have thoroughly studied the options available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. We honestly believe the methods and systems offered by our center are better, more specific, and of course, much more compressive.

CSC offers the best alternative treatment options for juvenile scoliosis in Malaysia. Schedule an assessment for your child at one our centers for holistic care without surgery today.

Juvenile Scoliosis and Bracing
Juvenile Scoliosis and Bracing

Is Bracing Good for Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliotic Spine?

In our opinion, bracing juvenile scoliotic patients is an absolute waste of time, resources, and energy. In fact, we believe that bracing further weakens the muscles, ligaments, and discs, and as such, it fails.  Furthermore, the vast majority of research studies out there are those performed on older kids, and even then, most renowned researchers (those not paid by brace sellers and fabricators) condemn the use of braces for juveniles as well as adolescent scoliotic patients.

Do You need Yoga and Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliotic Spine?

Take our advice: Be careful with yoga if your child has scoliosis. We can’t stress this point enough! Exercise and stretching are critical to recovery, but many forms of exercises will actually do you more harm. For exercise or stretching to help a given condition, it must be condition-specific. And, scoliosis is a condition in which there is a need for specific care. It is a tragedy when well-intentioned parents take advice from laypersons, YouTube, Pilate’s instructors, gurus, or Yoga instructors! Don’t fall into this trap. We have seen many that were made worse by these practices.

Surgery and Juvenile Scoliosis
Surgery and Juvenile Scoliosis

Is Surgery Good Option for Idiopathic Juvenile Scoliotisis Conditions?

Some surgeons are a bit eager to operate, while most would not recommend a surgical procedure for juvenile patients. Our clinical non-operative teams do not recommend surgery unless the curve is severe and not responding to our methods.

For those that have to have a surgical intervention, it may be best to wait until the late teens or when the bones have finished growing. Even though some new methods utilize “growing rods,” it is still best to wait until the late teens.

Juvenile Scoliosis and The Chiropractic Specialty Center® Methods of Treatment

Get the Best Scoliosis Treatment Today at Chiropractic Specialty Center®

Scoliosis treatment is a process that takes time. In other words, there are no shortcuts! Those that offer short terms scoliosis treatments have in the most basic terms failed to understand what scoliosis is, let alone how to treat it. We have yet to undertake a scientific study of our methods on a particular population, but we can report here to you that our methods are holistic and, as such, have resulted in improvements of complex scoliotic curves. The goals of our plan of care are to stabilize the child so that surgery may be avoided.  We have helped reverse many spinal curves in younger and older children as well as adults.

The Chiropractic Specialty Center has the clinical teams that you need for a comprehensive therapy approach, including the establishment of a customized routine for your child. Our promise to parents and children with scoliosis is that we will do our utmost to help you with all our capacity. Best of all, our chiropractic methods of scoliosis treatments, targeted physiotherapy, and technology are second to none. In fact, you will not find another center that offers the same services anywhere in Asia.

Our Most Sincere Advice to Parents of Kids with Scoliosis

As good as our system is, it is still dependent on parents and guardians. We encourage our patient’s parents to be motivating, energizing their children through encouragements and rewards. Rough talk, scolding, or references to a child’s imperfections are counter-productive.  We understand that it is difficult for parents to see their prince or princess in such a condition, but do keep in mind that it is more disturbing for the child. Our most sincere advice is to actively participate with your child in their daily routine. Yes, it will take time. Yes, you will have less time to yourself or with your work. But the bonding created with your active participation will certainly impact your child’s recovery. Actively engaged parents always have kids with better results.

Remember to be attentive; to keep focused on the goal, and to celebrate the smallest of victories every step of the way! Call us today and get the best Targeted Juvenile Scoliosis Treatment in Malaysia.